Dry Aged Half PLUS (More steaks!)

Dry Aged Half PLUS (More steaks!)

Steak lovers! This package is for you. A half cow, approx. 180 lbs., cut with fewer roasts and more steaks
$11.69/lb. Avg. 180lb .
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Morris Grassfed is 100% grassfed and finished on certified organic pastures along California's central coast. We use no added hormones or antibiotics and our cows are never put in feedlots. We use low-stress livestock handling techniques and practice humane animal treatment at all times. Our beef is dry-aged for three weeks in USDA-inspected facilities before being cut & wrapped by small-scale, artisan butchers. 

A Morris Grassfed Beef Half PLUS weighs approximately 180*  lbs. and is composed of a variety of cuts from one side of an animal. A Half PLUS will require approximately 9 cubic feet of space in your freezer, about the size of two, regular file cabinet drawers. All of our meat comes from USDA-inspected butchers and is professionally frozen & vacuum-sealed in clear Kryo-Vac wrap, with each cut labeled by name and weight. Morris PLUS grinds the roasts into ground beef and includes more steaks and grilling cuts than our traditional Half cow. 

Please Note: We no longer include bones in a half. You may order them under our "Extras" section. (They're great for soups, stock bases, or your favorite four-legged friend!)

*Weights are not exact and depend upon carcass size and butcher yields. Final price is based on the weight of your meat, rounded up or down to nearest whole number.


100% Morris Grassfed beef